6 way 30ml black system

6 way 30ml black system

Instructional Video

KRS Design E.M.U. instructional video for customers experiencing difficulty with the cleaning cycle process.




  • SURE-CLEAN - Intelligent Cleaning Reminder System
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured.

  • Fully Electronic 15mL and 30mL Models.

  • Simply Installed with standard Electronic Racks.

  • 4 Digit Electronic Nip Counter - Standard.

  • Simple Bottle Loading without removing unit.

  • Easily Cleaned by Dispensing +50 Deg C Hot water through the unit

  • EMU’s are simple to operate and maintain.

  • NMI 4/5/12D National Measurement Institute Approved.

  • Fastest factory service turn around.

  • Key Reset Nip Counter via Key Lock.

  • Fastest pour to maximize bar through put.

  • Computer Interface (optional).

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Upgrade to our Smart EMU® Modular Electronic Racks & Accessories

6 way rack

6 way rack

spring loaded bottle top

spring loaded bottle top

  • Systems are fully wired and tested.
  • Custom made to order, from anywhere between 1 way for the home-bar setup, to a 12 way rack for high turnover bars, clubs and venues.  (6 Way rack shown in picture)

  • Separate Power Key and Counter Reset Keys. 

  • Only requires mounting and connecting to power supply which plugs into your regular socket outlet. 

  • Positive Clip on the the EMU's on to the Rack.

  • Never allow shavings or swarf to enter the top of the EMU’s.

  • The systems must be mounted square and plumb.

  • Mounting height from floor approx. 165cm.

  • Spring loaded bottle top replacements available for purchase. 

  • Replacement corks and springs for the spring loaded bottle top available for purchase.