KRS Mega Engine

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 Presenting the “KRS Mega Engine”, a specially designed Microcomputer Engine Board (based on the Arduino Mega Board) featuring the ever popular ATmega2560 MCU, in a small footprint PCB for those demanding I/O intensive applications in rugged industrial applications. 

 The KRS Mega Engine has the following sought after specifications and features on the one board :-

  • Microcomputer board is a small format size that measures only 76mm long X 53mm wide. Size is similar to the UNO Board, but with the extensive I/O capabilities of the Mega.
  • Dual row headers are utilized with the outer header row generally aligning with the UNO Rev 3 pinout.
  • 4 layer professional PCB with gold plating.
  • ATmega2560 MCU with 256K Flash, 8K Ram, 4K EEprom running at 16Mhz.
  • 10/100 LAN port using the Wiznet W5500. Uses pins D10 (select), D50, D51, D52.
  • Built in Isolated DC/C Converter power supply suitable for using in POE applications. Various optional input voltages from 12VDC to 48VDC all with a 5V DC output at 1.2Amps max.
  • MICRO-SD card slot with SPI interface. Uses pins D4 (select), D50, D51, D52. Conveniently located so boards don’t have to be unplugged to change or update the SD Card.
  • An easy to reach side Actuated Reset Button.
  • The ICSP Header located in the standard Arduino position so Shields can be utilized. Also used to program the Arduino Boot Loader into the controller.
  • USB interface using the FT232RL chip for programming and debugging.
  • Requires the Arduino IDE or Atmel Studio to program the board. Both IDE’s are freely down loadable.
  • Extra 2 Wire Serial EEprom chip with 64K X 8 memory for extra data storage using an AT24C512 chip.
  • Hardware Watch Dog Monitor Chip which is a useful in industrial applications.
  • Available with various pin headers or header sockets or stackable header sockets.
  • Extensive Application Libraries and learning material is freely available on the internet.
Mega Engine Pinout.png