Presenting the use of a specially designed Energy Harvester Generator in conjunction with purpose designed and built electronics to implement a multipurpose, electrical power supply and Control and Lighting System, all powered from an idler roll on a typical belt conveyor as used in Coal Mines and Materials Handling Conveyors in other industries. This product is especially convenient on a long conveyor that doesn’t have a readily available 240VAC power supply, where a camera or sensor might be required along its length. The Generator Harvester does not load up the conveyor during starting. 

The System features the following:- 

• Generator over temperature and over current monitoring and protection.
• 2 lighting PID loop controllers for LED Lighting along Conveyor – Up to 100 meters
• Lighting can be used to light up walkways adjacent to the conveyor or other equipment.
• Wi Fi for connecting to cameras and other smart sensors in the local cluster.
• Fast Ethernet Port – Cat 5 / 6
• Inputs for Sensors – Voltage & 4 – 20mA for CH4 & CO monitoring etc.
• Outputs to control external devices – Relay outputs for shutdown circuits, water solenoids etc.
• 2 X 12VDC supplies for powering external devices and sensors – Wi Fi Camera etc.
• 2 X 5VDC Supplies for powering external devices and sensors – Such as vibration monitors etc..
• 10A/H Battery backup using Lithium Polymer Batteries. (Currently for above ground installations only).                                               • Modbus TCP/IP Interpreter.
• Dedicated WEB Server.
• Easily installed using Plug & Play Cables and Devices. 


Typical System powering LED lights, CO Sensor, Wi-Fi, IP Camera and connection to mine’s Ethernet

The System is a self-contained 100 meter length of Lighting, Sensors and Communications hub (cluster) without the need for an electrical supply.
The electrical power generated by the Conveyor Roller Energy Harvester can be used for sensors, internet, cameras, lighting and other specialized applications along the conveyor system without the need to run an electrical supply along the length of the conveyor, which in some installations can be many kilometers long. 

The Energy Harvester Generator is coupled to an Idler roll on the conveyor system. The idler roll chosen to couple to the Generator is one that is located at the bottom of the conveyor in the return path of the belt. 

The generated power is also used to power a LED lighting system along the conveyor which can be used to light up the customer’s product in the conveyor as well as the walk way which in turn enhances safety and productivity along the conveyor system. 

Dedicated WEB Server

The software is purpose designed and controls and monitors all the necessary requirements for the Generator Harvester Control System. The software has specific algorithms to control all the various parts of the electronics along with extensive communication capability with a dedicated WEB Server and Modbus TCP/IP interface. This allows the end user to easily integrate into their existing SCADA system or if no SCADA is available the WEB server can be used to remotely monitor the system via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 

The electronics housed in the stainless steel enclosure along with a battery backup battery for when the conveyor is not operating. The battery backup time is variable depending on the number and type of sensors, cameras and other devices the Electronics is powering. 


Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.46.50 am.png

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